Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bare floors

So today I didn't feel like doing anything big, so I tackled a few small jobs. I drained the radiator so I could disconnect the heater core and pull the air handler box off the dash, which makes getting the carpet out in one piece a bit easier. So the carpet is all out. It left a bunch of old nasty insulation halfway stuck to the floor so I scraped that up and got the floor really clean. There were a few minor spots of surface rust where the carpet had got a bit wet a few times, so I used the wire brush to clean that up. I also spent some time cleaning parts and polishing up a few metal parts. I spent an hour sanding the raised DOT lettering off of the tail lights and then wet sanding them with 1000 and 2000 grit sandpaper. I saved the final polishing for later when I machine polish the whole car. The carpet is in decent shape. I'll clean it up and reuse it.

Pretty soon I have to start making decisions about how much work I want to do on the engine, what aftermarket parts I want to fit, what color to paint, etc. My objective is to keep the scope of the project achievable while still accomplishing a sufficient level of improvement on the car.

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