Monday, June 06, 2005

Successful first outing

Just Miata Racing competed in our first race in 16 months this weekend, on the short course at Sebring. In a field of 24 starters we qualified 12th, and after running as high as 9th at one point in the second race, finished 11th in both the first and second races.

I got a really good start in race 2 and put a lot of distance on the guys behind me, and stayed in touch with the lead pack for the first half of the race. Gradually, the car seemed to lose a little power and I dropped back a bit. Then, late in the race, my foot slipped off the brake pedal on a downshift and I missed my turn-in point. In a class this competitive, that's all it takes and two cars got by me.

We were hoping for a top ten finish, but overall we're very happy with our results this weekend. Finishing in the top half of the field in a brand new car after not racing for 16 months is the best we could have hoped for. It's a very positive result.

Photos and video coming soon.

-Kevin Morrison