Sunday, December 09, 2018

Life with Cayman S

These days my spare time is spent in very different ways than it used to be. I'm not that much into wrenching on cars anymore. Mostly I pursue my photography hobby, though you can't tell it by looking at this blog. To remedy that a little, here are a few photos of my Cayman S. It's not a frequent subject for my photos, but it is a beautiful object so I do snap some shots when I have a chance. Living within a short drive of the Smoky Mountains leads to lots of photo opportunities and some of the greatest driving roads in the world.

Thursday, August 02, 2018

Back At It (Miata Paint)

Slowly but surely I'm making progress in preparing the Miata for paint. I could just drop it off at a paint shop and pay them to do everything, but to ensure that the job is as good as it can be, for the amount that I'm willing to spend, it's best if I do as much of the prep as possible.
So I'm sanding all the old dead clearcoat off. First I'm sanding with 220 grit, and then I'll go back and do a quick pass with 400 grit. Anything else it needs I'll have the paint shop do.
It's a slow and tedious process and I only have a couple hours per week to spend on it. Updates as I get closer to being done.