Saturday, January 29, 2011

Iggee leatherette seatcovers - installation in the '94 Miata

Did this today. They are Iggee leatherette (vinyl) seat covers - not full upholstery. They install over the existing cloth seats. Got them directly from Iggee through eBay for $125. Will just show the driver side.

The driver seat is getting a bit tatty.

The bottom cover is held tight by six elastic straps that hook on the bottom of the seat pan. Then a drawstring-like cord ties in the back. I routed it through a hole in the seat pan. This photo is before I was quite done tying things up.

The back cover is held tight by these big velcro flaps. Installation is an exercise in trying to pull them tight from both sides while sticking the velcro.

Pretty much done.

Back in the car.

For a slipcover, these are amazingly nice. You can tell they're slipcovers if you're looking for it, but when sitting in the car it's just like the seats were meant to be that way. No more tatty seats!

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  1. An update - the Iggees didn't hold up very well. After a couple years of regular use the driver side bolster was getting worn. Worse than that, though, was how hot the vinyl got in the Florida heat. They don't breathe at all, so my back, butt, and the back of my legs would get soaked with sweat almost every time I drove the car. Not good. I've since switched to a pair of Covercraft Spacer Mesh seat covers and they are MUCH nicer. They breathe fantastically and look just as good as the Iggees. No more sweaty back, even in hot weather. Sorry to say the Iggees didn't work out.