Sunday, November 13, 2011

Final details on the cooling system.

So today I installed the Koyorad radiator in the Miata and got the rest of the coolant hoses installed. I also finalized the routing of the fuel lines and got everything tidied up and zip-tied in place. The engine compartment is really looking proper now.
Old vs. New. While the old coolant pipe would probably work, leaving it in place would bug me because it's pretty corroded after 18 years of service. Replacing it with new resets the clock which is one of my main goals in this project.
Stant 10227 radiator cap fits the Koyorad (or any other Miata radiator).
So this is it for the mechanical stuff for a while. The next few posts will be about the paint and body work. We'll get back to the engine when I'm ready to start it.

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