Friday, October 21, 2011

Motor done

Ok, I'm declaring the motor DONE. I got the oil pan reinstalled today. The front and rear gaskets cost me $4.50. They go on the curved portions of the pan under the crank. The rest of the pan is just sealed with RTV. I let the RTV cure and then refilled the engine with oil to see if anything leaked. It didn't.
I still have to mount the alternator and the other pulleys and get the right PCV valve but that's trivial. The lower and middle timing belt covers are new. The old ones were a bit chewed up by the water pump pulley rubbing on them. The top cover was kind of expensive so I opted to clean up the old one. Surprisingly, brake fluid makes an *excellent* plastic cleaner and conditioner. I used it liberally on the cover and it came out looking really good.
Here's the back. Note the blue tape on one of the coil plugs and a blue dot on the back of the coil pack. The harness connectors will plug into either coil so the blue dot is a clue. Too bad it's impossible to see it if the coil pack is installed in the car! I put a piece of tape over the dot when I painted the bracket to preserve it for the next time.
Here's the current state of the car. Now that the motor is done things should start moving along more quickly. Hopefully it will be interesting.

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