Sunday, October 30, 2011

Engine details

I was a little premature in declaring the motor 'done'. In reality there were still a few tasks to take care of. I wanted to get as much done as possible while the engine is out of the car because it's so much easier to work while the engine is on a stand.
I installed the alternator and all the accessory brackets today. After I did it I realized I will have to take the belt back off and remove the balancer so I can use my crankshaft locking tool while I torque the flywheel bolts.
The new Mazda Competition engine mounts are assembled and I bolted them to the engine. I cleaned them up and painted them with Chassis Black. The competition mounts are a harder durometer than the stock ones, but not as hard as some urethane mounts on the market. I still need this car to be reasonable on the street.
The transmission is all set. I replaced both the front and rear seals and painted it with Aluma-Blast from Eastwood. That is one amazing product. It makes aluminum stuff look like new, or even better.
I painted the engine compartment black. I think the shiny new motor will really shine in front of it. The camera flash makes every little flaw pop out but I think once the engine is in and in normal light it will look fine. I just didn't want to remove the brake lines or master cylinder, or any of the A/C lines, so I masked them off the best I could and let the chips fall where they may.
This is a good shot of the Aluma-blast finish on the valve cover.

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