Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bremmers for the Bimmer

So it was time for some new tires for the M3. The Nitto Invo tires it came with were almost down to the wear bars and getting really hard and noisy. I had put almost 20,000 miles on them and they weren't close to new when I got them. I took the opportunity to update the looks of the car as well by adding a set of Bremmer BR05's to my order from The Tire Rack. The BR05 is basically a reproduction of the wheels BMW put on the CSL version of the M3. Well, not really a reproduction but I guess a reasonable facsimile without the associated cost. These are only about $660 a set in 18" size. They are 18x8 in the front and 18x9 in the back, exactly like the factory wheels my car came with. I think the offset in the front is a little bit less than stock because it looks like the wheel sticks out just a bit more. I'll have to look up the exact numbers and see for sure.
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The black finish is something different for me and I really like the slim machined lip around the outside of the wheel face. The tires are Sumitomo HTR ZIII in 225/45ZR-18 in the front and 255/40ZR-18 in the back. They came perfectly balanced from Tire Rack and ready to mount. The Sumitomos are an underrated tire in my opinion. The Boxster I had came with them and I thought they were great, and the price is very reasonable at around $600 for the set in M3 sizes. They aren't for autocrossing or track days, but for street driving they are a great value.

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