Monday, October 29, 2012

Jeep Cherokee XJ update

Progress on the XJ has been slow. I've just not had the free time to work on it. I do have the engine running nicely now and it starts right up on the first try every time. Unless I disconnect the battery for any reason, that is. If battery power is interrupted for even one second, the ECU seems to completely lose its mind and the Jeep will barely start. Once it starts, it runs really rough for a few minutes, idles high, shifts hard, bogs on takeoff, and several other bad habits. This continues for a couple days and then everything is hunky-dory again. If anyone can tell me how to get around this, I'd love to learn about it. (Edit: I replaced the ECU and it fixed all the issues. Should have just done that first.)

Now I do have a few pictures for you.

My next task is to strip out all the carpet and install Monstaliner throughout the inside of the truck. I got a kit in desert tan.
Quite a bit of rust under the carpet! It was really nasty. Bugs living in it and everything. The rust is pretty minor, but I'll clean it up and stabilize it with some rust sealer before I put the Monstaliner over it.
I used a wire brush on my angle grinder to clean up the rust and take off a lot of loose paint.
Pretty much all the rust cleaned up. Next I have to pull out the front seats so I can get the rest of the carpet out.

The next post in this series is about the rusty floors.

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  1. Just to follow up on this post - the weirdness with the ECU continued until I finally just replaced it. I got a new one from Rockauto for less than $150, and now the truck runs as it should and has been for over a year. I wish I'd zeroed in on the computer more quickly.