Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Flat-bed Blues

A truly rare sight! This car has not been on the back of a flatbad since 1997 when I crashed on track at Laguna Seca. I detected a strong smell of gasoline this morning when I got to work and then at lunchtime it wouldn't start at all. Investigation revealed both fuel lines to be very loose on the fittings at the fuel pressure regulator. In fact, the supply side had popped off completely! Fuel was gushing quite vigorously and creating a pretty nice puddle of gas under the car. After some attempts to replace the hoses, it became apparent that they would not stay tight no matter how hard I screwed down the clamps. These have been fine for over 2000 miles of city driving since I put the car back on the road in January, so I'm really not sure why this happened. The hoses are fine on the supply end, but at the fuel rail they won't grip the fitting at all. Very strange. I think it's just the hose I used is somehow not right so I've ordered some more 5/16" fuel injection hose and some better clamps and will redo the fuel connections.

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