Sunday, December 18, 2011

Refurb Results!

The car is pretty much done! I'm just taking care of details at this point. I still have to wet sand and polish the whole car to correct some flaws in the paint. I'll try to document that as I go. I'm also going to revisit the valve adjustment. The car runs like a scalded cat, but the valves are noisier than I think they should be. I just want to check it again and try to get the clearances down to the bottom half of the specs. This is the downside of getting rid of the Hydraulic Lash Adjusters from the '94 head.
Here's the car on its first outing! The hood is still unpolished after wet sanding but you can't see it too much in this picture. The Reptile Red paint really pops in the sunlight. It's insanely red!
The engine money-shot.
This shot shows the color in more normal lighting.
I replaced the instrument lighting with LEDs. This doesn't make a huge difference except the needles are now white instead of green.
This came in the brown truck the other day.
It replaced the 12 year old MOMO Champion that was getting quite ratty. I love the red stitching and will probably mimic that on the seat upholstery when I do that.


  1. LEDs look great. Not sure if it's just the picture, but are you experiencing any hot spots? How many LEDs did you use?

  2. Sorry I forgot to come back and answer your comment. I used LED's that shoot light in 5 directions instead of just straight ahead so there don't seem to be any bright spots. It looks quite normal, just a little brighter and cooler in color temperature. I used 7 separate LED's. One for each gauge and the turn signals. Those all use the same lamp. All the other indicator lamps are smaller and I didn't bother replacing them because they're hardly ever lit.