Friday, July 15, 2005

Gearing up again

The next race is looming near - Daytona International Speedway on August 6-7, for a SARRC series double-header.
Stuart decided he wasn't happy with the bottom end on the motor, so he's building a new one. We were a little low on compression on the high-mile block - probably because we honed the bores and the end-gap is out of spec. We blame this on the Showroom Stock engine rules we're stuck with that won't allow us to overbore at all when doing a rebuild. I guess I should have just bought a crate motor and been done with it. Anyway, we have to swap the bottom end out within the next couple weeks. Other than that, the car just needs a new front left fender (oops), and I want to change the differential fluid now that the new diff has a couple hundred miles on it.

The Just Miata shop is moving to a new location, just a couple miles from the old shop. That will give us more room for the racecar and trailer, and Stu will have a lot more space for customer cars and such.

I'll keep you posted on our preparations as they progress. Hopefully, there's not much else to do...

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