Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Another day of work

Spent the day Saturday over at Just Miata taking care of race prep for this coming weekend. I installed my cool suit plumbing, the window net, cleaned all the wheels and tires, inspected the brakes and suspension, did a few little things around the engine compartment, installed the fuel test port. Stuart worked on the cutoff switch wiring and mounting.

This Thursday, the car is going over to Cars and Concepts in Tampa for alignment and corner weighting. Then Friday afternoon I'll head down to Sebring. The weather is looking ok for this weekend - just scattered showers. Most likely we'll have dry track. I don't have rain tires so I will skip any wet track sessions. No sense risking the car.

The goal for this race is to finish with the car in the same condition we started in, learn as much as we can about the setup, and get me back up to speed with racing. No heroics. It's been over a year since I ran wheel-to-wheel.

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